White Bird and The Silent Love.




Nordari – White Bird and The Silent Love

– Florence Rug
– President’s Chair
– Globe
– Pendant Light
– Buffet Table

– Book Stack
– The Perks of being a wallflower novel

– Delia Ruffle Curtains
– Reese Cabinet
– Brush prop

Trompe Loeil
– Topiary
– Spotlight Lamp

Second Spaces
– 8mm tall stack/short stack
– 33 1/3 rpm set

– Tiffany Bench
– Tiffany Extra Pillows

Apple Fall – Throw Cushion
7 – Floor Bulb
Standby Inc – Gramophone
Art Dummy – A little light
ionic – niel leila ni
Pixel Mode – iris

On Shelf
Scarlet Creative – My Modular Shelves
Mudhoney – White Candles
Mudhoney – Marigold in a vase
Mudhoney – MH Shelf Accessories
Encore – Flask
What Next – Laurel Wooden Birds
What Next – Book Clock 2
Pilot – Its a horse
North West – Pretty Plate
Floorplan – 1L books


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