Piercings at Ataxia

k so. I don’t know if you’ve been over to Ataxia. But if you like piercings, you should get your ass over there.

These are lovely. I think they are mesh too?

They come with HUDs. You can choose the colors, metals and the color of the diamonds. Which I’ll post down below.

I love being able to change colors of things so I was kind of in love with this.

And if you don’t like piercings, you should check it out anyway. She has prim teeth, clothes, clothes to go with your prim boobs. It’s just. idek. Just go.






Ataxia Anti Eyebrow
Ataxia Cheek
Ataxia Medusa
Ataxia Curved Septum
Ataxia Jeweled Septum

Whiskers Sopherian Schatje Whiskers Dante Rousselot
Skin Glam Affair Amberly Aida Ewing
Hair booN TUN247 boo Nakamura
Eyes Dead Apples Real Eyes Soleil Reid
Eyelashes BeetleBones Mesh lashes Suetabulous Yootz
Shape Mine – Not for sale.
Tattoo UtopiaH Once Upon a Time Petiita Blackbart


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