Homesick Lemon Cottage



House – Homesick Lemon Cottage lxlNoel
Path – Zacca Sculpted Pavement CROSS Jupiter
Snowman – rez_snowman Yuki Aabye
Snowgirl – Artilleri Frosty Family Antonia Marat
Panda – D-Lab Panda 01 dazai Voom
Skydome – Turnip’s Skydome Turnip Sorbet
Trees – Botanical Kriss Lehmann
Pigs – piglet 2010 Jon Haskell
Christmas Sign – Awesome Blossom Clementine Ishtari
Lamps – taraFAB Lamp No. 1 Tara Chester




-Living Room-

Couch – .Lame Furniture Leslie’s Holiday Hideaway Divine Falodir
Table – floorplan ho ho ho tea table Tegan Serin
Tray – emm warm & toasty tray Snowy Melody
Frames – Glitterati Katey Coppola
Christmas Tree – Trompe Loeil Funky Christmas Tree Cory Edo
Giftboxes – What Next Fancy giftboxes Winter Thorn
Candles – Mudhoney White Candles Rayvn Hynes
Pictures – North West Summer Frames Lili Brink

Tree – Trompe Loeil Topiaries Cory Edo

Chalk Board – What Next Cafe Memo Board Winter Thorn


Crates – Floorplan Apple crate shelf Tegan Serin
Lamp/Birds – Lisp part of the Anna Cabinet Set Pandora Popstar
Books – Floorplan book stack and a bunch of 1L books Tegan Serin
Stool – Floorplan coeur painted stools Tegan Serin
Frames – Floorplan shutter frames Tegan Serin
Radio – What Next Festival Radios Winter Thorn
Vase – Mudhoney Marigold in a vase Rayvn Hynes
Floor/Flowers/Notebook Basket/Coffee/Candles/ Lamp – Cheeky Pea Parts of Vita’s Reading Corner Isla Gealach
Clock – Floorplan driftwood clock Tegan Serin
Lamps – What Next Jar Lights Winter Thorn
Boots – What Next Wellies rainboots Winter Thorn
Birdhouse – Alouette Bird Houses Scarlet Chandrayaan
Pig – Sway’s Piggy Bank Sway Dench
Bee – The Domineaux Effect Stuffed Bee Domineaux Prospero
Stars – Art Dummy Light up my way Gala Charron
Shelf – Floorplan Driftwood Shelf Tegan Serin
Floor Cushion – What Next Charlotte Floor Cushions Winter Thorn
Pouf – The Loft Alex Pouf Colleen Desmoulins



Bed – Mudhoney Mia Palette Bed Rayvn Hynes
Rug – Zigana rud texture rug Nalema Faireg
Chair – What Next Oslo Chairs Winter Thorn
Phone part of – What Next Marais Gossip Bench Set Winter Thorn
Poster – North West Lili Brink
Lantern – Zigana Paper Lanterns Nalema Faireg
Fireplace – What Next Charlotte Woodburning Stove Winter Thorn
Ladder/Wall – What Next Falling Wall Decor Winter Thorn
Books – Floorplan book stack Tegan Serin


Pillows – Glitterati Pillow Pile Katey Coppola
Lights – floorplan mason jar chandelier Tegan Serin
Book Shelf – floorplan bookworm ladder Tegan Serin
Books – floorplan book stack Tegan Serin
Bee – The Domineaux Effect Stuffed bee Domineaux Prospero

Fireplace – What Next Charlotte Woodburning Stove Winter Thorn


Desk/Chair – Mudhoney Amaris Vanity Rayvn Hynes
Pictures – Lisp Tache Hanging Pandora Popstar
Chair/Table/Tea – The Domineaux Effect Lazy Day Chaise Domineaux Prospero
Couch – Cheeky Pea Rye Abel Loveseat Isla Gealach
Rug – Cheeky Pea Mainstream Lounge Rug Isla Gealach
Rack – PILOT Nail Polish Rack Kaz Nayar
Poster – North West Lili Brink
Dummy – Hyperbole Fashion Dummy Tyr Rozenblum
Lamps – North West Petites Lampes Lili Brink


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