Zigana – Garden Shack

Couch MudHoney Rayvn Hynes –  Castor Sofa
Picture Set PILOT Kaz Nayar – Magon Art Collection
Dummy Hyperbole Tyr Rozenblum – Fashion Dummy
Plant Trompe Loeil Cory Edo – Topiary
Poster North West – Lili Brink
Coffee Table/Candles Vestertine Amelie Knelstrom – Rikka Fall Coffee Table
Flags Vestertine Amelie Knelstrom – Summer Burnting
Chalk Board Sway’s Sway Dench – Key Holder
Piggy Bank Sway’s Sway Dench – (gacha)
Floorplan Tegan Serin – Bookworm Ladder
Floorplan Tegan Serin – Shutter Frame

Zigana – Nalema Faireg

House Garden Shack
Screen Folding Screen
Rug – Texture Change
Paper Lantern
Crate/Broken Crate

What Next – Winter Thorn

Desk Area Novelle Desk (Desk, Chair, Phone, Frames, Type Writer, and also comes with a rug not shown)
MayFair Trunk
Festival Radio
Jar Lantern
Fireplace Charlotte Woodburning Stove

Lisp – Pandora Popstar

Chair Oh Mr Waters
Blankets Snuggle Blanket
Pot Enamel Deer Kettle
Cabinet Area Anna Cabinet A


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