My little working area.

So, I have a lot of furniture. I love buying furniture more than anything else. And if you’ve ever known me or lived with me you know I change my house or whatever every week, probably. So I decided I’m gonna try and blog more furniture too? We’ll see how it goes.

For the first blog, this is my little working area right now. just one side though. The other side is my black screen, random pose boxes and my E2V. You don’t need to see it lol

but yeah.

Here’s this.

House POST Van Auster – Gnesen Farm Shed
Couch Cheeky Pea Isla Gealach – Mainstream Couch
Rug Zigana Nalema Fairey – Rug
Pictures North West Lili Brink – Summer Frames
Tree Picture PILOT Kaz Nayar – Magon Art Collection
Dummy Hyperbole Tyr Rozenblum – Fashion Dummy

What Next – Winter Thorn

Chair Oslo Chair (gacha)
Fireplace Charlotte Woodburning Stove
Cushions Charlotte Floor Cushions

MudHoney – Rayvn Hynes

Candles White Candles
Candle Stand Podge Magazine Tray


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