Post 191. Pure Juice

Pure Juice open up to the public March 5th and closes the 26th if i’m not mistaken.

You will not be disappointed when you go see what they have out for you, save your Ls or go buy some.

The items are amazing, and I’m thinking I blogged 80% of the items out.

There are new brands and old brands but nothing short of amazing.

Check it out!


1 Riddle
4 Absolution
5 Ah Flou
6 -8 Peqe
9 Nemesis
10 Magoa
11 Orion

1 DeeTalez
2 Gawk!
3 The Secret Store
4 Somina
5 Mushie
6 Instinct Inc

Flats Republic

Face tattoos cheLLE

Makeup  elegant epiffany

House 1 Funky Junk
House 2 Abode

house/furniture Tasty
Store build HelaMiyo
Furniture MudHoney



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