Shops for rent!

I’m looking for stores to come rent at my shopping mall 😀


-It’s my mainstore, so I always have a hunt or event.

-I send out daily notices about all the freebies on the land.

-It’s where I hold my event called ‘Theme Market’

-Traffic is pretty good 2500-3500+ a day

-You’ll be renting with over 20 other stores (Khush, Animate me!, Bom Bom, Pour Homme, Mo Fashion, JCz Fuckin’ Teez, BellBalls, Japozilian, Becot, Your face, Meka, ICED, POMPOMPOM, Vicarious Vitae, Orion, Zombie Fetus, YaYo, Hysteria, JoJo)

Stores and prims:


20×10 stores

100 prims each

300L a week



20 prims each

80L a week

PLEASE IM me or NC me if you are interested! I would love to have your store on the land! Hope to hear from you soon!


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