Happy Holidays Hunt

The Happy Holidays hunt has started, so that means more cuteness for just 10L!

There’s 100 stores in the hunt and each store has an item out for 10L, it’s very worth the time and Ls The starting place is ISPACHI.

Here’s pictures of if not all, many of the items in the hunt!

Happy hunting 🙂


stores left to right:

LOULOU&CO, Berries Inc w/Ronsem, Cynful, The Secret Store

Razorblade Jacket, PiDiddle, Onyx Wear, A&M, aRAWRa ,KIM

KIM, Agnes Finney-Heleen, Nyte N Day, Kunglers

Skins and makeup



Hair: Rezlpsa Loc Tattoos: HUZ TATS  Ears:  IPoke  Necklace:  LacieCakes

Poses and furniture


Di’s Opera


Birdhouse: Baffle  Joy sign: Mudhoney  Cabinet: Amiari  Bench: What Next  Couch and bed set:  Little boxes

W.Winx, Intrique Co




4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays Hunt

  1. *screams* Where did you get that red sweater dress!? It’s listed as A&M but I couldn’t find any store with that name.. 😦

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