With love hunt

Hi 😀

I have LOTS of goodies for you today! if you didn’t know, the ‘With love’ Hunt starts tomorrow, so escape from your family and turkey! and go do it!

It’s not your normal free hunt. each item is 10L so SAVE UP! because all the gifts are worth it 😀 They have just about everything. Skyboxes, furniture, hair, clothes, poses! Anything you need 😀 and plus it’s cute.

I have tons of picture for you. Happy Hunting!

and Happy Thanksgiving!

Outfit in order (if you can’t see them) Fishy Strawberry, Penned, Sassy Kitty, Eclectic, Rock Me Amadeus, Just B, Peqe, Shiki, Gawk!

Outfit in order (if you can’t see them) Deetalez, Invalde, District, Swansong, ViLada, Riddle, LG FEMME, Djinn & Tonic, R.icielli

I hope I didn’t spell in stores wrong! sorry if I did ❤


Other credits:

Hair: Shag

Skin: Glam Affair

Heels: Pixel Mode

Poses: Porcupine love and LAP


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