Fist pump with the best Hunt

First off, this hunt has NOTHING to do with Jersey Shore, theme wise anyway. I just thought it would be a cool title lol. I thought it would be fun to do a hunt since like everyone is doing them :/ I wanted to. So this is my first hunt idea 😀

The theme of the hunt is things you love, love in SL or RL. Whatever that might be, it’s very open for you to make something. I would like to have maybe 50ish stores? join the hunt if that can happen by March.

If you would like you join this hunt, just send me (rockstarroo GossipGirl) a Notecard with your name and store LM 😀

If you have friends with stores, tell them too! That would help me out a lot 😀

Thank you!


3 thoughts on “Fist pump with the best Hunt

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