A look at my new home.

My 3 favorite stores to get furniture at are Mudhoney, What Next and The Loft. So that’s exactly what my new house is filled with.

First, I want to tell you about this adorable house I fell in love with when I saw it on flickr. It’s from Awesome Blossom and It’s love.

I love it so much (I haven’t finished the outside lol)

Second, Mudhoney just came out with a very detailed kitchen, which I had to mod alot because of prims :/ sorry Rayvn. But as soon as I saw it I went searching for a bigger house just so I could add a kitchen. So worth it.


What Next is like my new found furniture place. I went there and brought everything because it’s so cute. They have just came out with like a winterish Living room set. Gorgeous. I love how everything fits together, I also mixed some Mudhoney and The Loft in this room too 😀

The bedroom 😀

And last but not least.

Action came out with a bunch of outdoor winter stuff. Trees (no snow or snow) a wood fence, grass, and a winter cabin which I’ll blog later 😀

Tp to the stores!


What Next



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