What’s my name?

My Newly found favorite store?

OGF. They have the cutest stuff (although i don’t think he wants his store to be called cute :/) Most of their stuff is unisex, like these pants i’m about to show you 😀

They all come in 2 versions. Plain jeans or zipper w/ pads jeans. The fatpack has 5 colors all well worth it 😀

My glasses wouldn’t rezz 😦



Shirt DP AskingAlexandra/GetOnYourKnees (Darrel Parx)
Pants OGF Check Pants (orion Gant)
Boots KAO Suede Fringe Boots (Kao Sands)
Scarf Buried Shawl (Naboru Karu)
Bracelets AA Snake Bangles (aya Huldschinsky)
Glasses Mustache Shades (Mae Liamano)


Skin League Taylor BlackIce(Nena Janus)
Hair Lamb Glass Candy (Lamb Bellic)
Nails Luck Inc Finger tapes (CK Winx)
Shape Made by me (rockstarroo GossipGirl)


Porcupine Love



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