Just the way you are.

Just super bored and I’ve been slacking as a blogger I need to get back on my game.

Anyway, I was just messing around with clothing items last night and came up with this outfit, I love it, the hat is a little big if you saw me inworld but it’s hard to fit with this hair :/ but i love it so it had to be done.

The boots have fringe but looked gross on the shadows so i had to cut them off 😦 btw.

That’s it.



Vest BOOM mini vest (Aranel Ah)
Shirt Suicidal Unborn Basic Top (Eleanor Cyberstar)
Bra The whore Bikini Sexy Bitch (Blair Loorden)
Skirt Luck Inc Mini Jean skirt (CK Winx)
Tights Blowpop Fishnet tights (Annyka Bekkers)
Socks Untitled Tube Socks (Danny Nolan)
Boots KAO suede fringe boots (Kao Sands)
Hat Maitreya Unisex Beanie(Onyx LeShelle)
Bracelet Surf Co Beach Pass (Emma Gilmour)


Skin League Taylor Blackice (Nena Janus)
Hair 69 MOA (Kumii Yoshikawa)
Nails Luck Inc Finger tapes (CK Winx)
Shape Made by me (rockstarroo GossipGirl)


Porcupine Love (Chillatrix GossipGirl)


Also I have a new Gatcha at my store! Go check it out. Here

And I’m in love with this song. So 😀


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