I miss you.



So, right now I’m loving Bellies. I love their coats. they are super cute. So when Bayly asked for bloggers. I was like FUCK YES!

If you haven’t been to the store. Go like now, I think there’s a sale going on, ending tonight too? I’m just showing you a few things from there but there’s so much more!

And also this is a new release from Action, a whole Halloween house set. Very cute.

Bellies – Pima Cotton Knit

Bellies – Grandpa Sweater
Bellies – Indian HeadBand

Bellies – Pea coat
Bellies – Stripe Tease

On Giz – Bellies – Disguise

On Me – Bellies – Shutter shades and SuperStar shades

Extras On me

Skirt Luck Inc Low Rise Mini
Boots [N[ Moccasins


Skin Ugly Duck Lai Mystic
Hair 69 Jessica 02
Tattoo Aitui Beautiful
Ears Visavi Epigon Ears

Extras On Giz


Pants [ JP ]:dsg. Broadly Pants v2
Boots[ hoorenbeek ] Patagonia 2.0


Skin John Paine – Tone 3 – HAIR – Shaved
Hair [-B-] Sawyer
Ears 1 AITUI – (Type 3) Stretched Ear – Human
Ears 2  :GAUGED: Elven Ear[Tunnel]




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