Khush is probably one of my top 5 favorite stores in SL right now, that list hasn’t changed in like 2 years? Khush made it.

She could make the simplest thing and make it look adorable.

Her new release are Comfi pants, which I love, I was a bit tired of wearing my skirts and dresses today. but that’ll change tomorrow lol.

They come in 7 different colors, so I’m sure you’ll find a pair you’ll love too

Go check out Khush.

Sweater Suicidal Unborn Long Sweater (Eleanor Cyberstar)
Pants Khush Comfi Pants (Liess Paine)
Shoes Urban Bomb Unit Lo Tops (Coke Dreadlow)
Pasties Luck Inc Nipple BandAids (CK Winx)
Necklace Lacie Cake Harmony (Lacie Chambers)


Skin Curio LoveLorn (Gala Phoenix)
Hair Kin Holly (Kin Keiko)
Tattoo Luck Inc Rosary Cross(CK Winx)


Don’t Freak Out!(Willa Whybrow)


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