I have a beautiful house, a patio houseish, a poser stump, and a vest for you today 😀

I kinda fail at blogging so sorry Aya for not posting this on Friday 😦

But everyone else the house is still there for 400L, I think, it’s really cute 😀

Mudhoney new house, is going to be my new sl house when I become less lazy to fix up the house 😀 I love this house, deff go get it!

Carter gave me these really cute stumps with grass and poses! I love poses so these were ❤

And these BOOM vests I’ll be wearing for days, they are SO cute ❤





Vest BOOM Mini Vest (Aranel Ah)
Pants Luck Inc Low Cut Torned (CK Winx)
Boots Miel Far Boots(Mika Nieuport)


Skin  Bellza Alyson(Tricky Boucher)
Hair Atomic The Affair (Ivy Graves)
Tattoo Luck Inc Rosary Cross(CK Winx)


Don’t Freak Out!(Willa Whybrow)

Houses Mudhoney Hoxley House(Rayvn Hynes) and Abode The Clear (Aya Liotta)
Grass and tree trunk Pocket Gardens Coutny Stumps (Carter Denja)


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