Seasons Hunt Part 1

So after forcing myself to stay logged on SL long enough to do the hunt. I finished it and I’m VERY glad I did it. It was full of adorable things, clothes, hair, scarfs and furniture.

You can start the hunt at any store listed for the hunt, you use a notecard to tp around, not like your normal hunt. and you’re hunting for a leaf, most are orange.

My first blog is of most of the clothes in the hunt, I have ideas for the rest in future blogs. I’ll have the furniture up in a few hours 😀

Dress Elate
Sweater Pig
Hair Tiny Bird
Suitcase Duboo
Hair eha
Scarf Split Pea
Romper Willow
Shirt fashionably dead
Shorts Mocha
Necklace Scribble
Sweater Doppelganger
Skirt Pididdle
Leggings This is a Fawn
Sweater Hoot
Shirt Fri.Day
Scarf Theosophy
Skirt Whippet&Bucl
Scarf Concrete Flowers
Sweater So Many Styles
Shirt Young Urban
Leggings Twosome
Hair Clawtooth
Outfit Rbcg
Shoes Duh!
Socks Twosome

Other credits

Skin Belleza
Hair Fri.Day
Shorts Tres Blah
Heels Pixel Mode

Sim 1-3

Sim 4


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