What’s my age again?

As promised on plurk. A blog. 1 of 500 for Gene lol

I’ve had this jacket in my inventory since their sale and never thought it fit me so I didn’t wear it, turns out. It does and I love it. I think out of all the boots and jeans combos I do, this is my favorite, No idea why, I just love it.

Even though I’m half dressed, it still reminded me of fallish stuff, since i wore all bland colors it was perfect for a fall sim since Fall = colors? idk, That’s how I feel anyway.


Jacket Fri.Day Military Jacket (Parvarti Monday)
Tank Top Suicidal Unborn Basic Top (Eleanor Cyberstar)
Jeans Meldey Skinnies Gen 2 (Arriah Fiertze)
Boots Surf Co  Elsa Boots (Emma Gilmour)

My glasses are from Reek, I fail at crediting everything.

Skin League Taylor Blackice (Nena Janus)
Hair  Lamb Ghost (Lamb Bellic)


Don’t Freak out! (Willa Whybrow)



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