A Milli.

I was waiting for my skins video to load so I decided to blog 😀

Not alot of people on SL know this but, I can rap my ass off. No joke. and I mostly rap Lil Wayne and I take it seriously lol and this song, I can rap like no one business, every word, every version.  I was rapping it while taking these pictures actually. Just some history for y’all.

another blog of unedited pictures.


Shirt Sassy Kitty Sassy Formal Long Shirt (Kinu Mayako)
Pants Luck Inc Low Rise Jeans(CK Winx)
Belt Fri.Day Wide Waist Belt(Parvarti Monday )
Hat Theosophy Waterbeck Hat (Trace Osterham )
Boots Miel Far Boots( Mika Nieuport)
Tattoo Luck Inc Rosary Cross(CK Winx)

Aitui The bombing at Pearl Harbor( Jesseaitui Petion )

Skin League Taylor Blackice (Nena Janus)
Hair Lamb Glass Candy (Lamb Bellic)


With & squalor Esme Milena



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