Stupid Boy.

So, this is the first and only hair I brought at the hair fair, and I LOVEE ittt.

I love this outfit, idk why. I just do. These tights I can’t take off and the boots, i love so hard, I never want to take them off.

I’ve decided to start doing blogs in sims, because I like to explore so yeah.

The first sim is Tableau. Go check it out, I love the sim, it’s very old stylish to me, which I love. There’s lots of open space to take pictures and be creative.


Jacket SD Ovation black jacket (Desdemona Young)
Shirt Addict Jersey Racerback(Kianna Noel)
Shorts -tb- Denim cutoff shorts( Julliette Westerburg)
Tights Nestle My Bosom sheer peacock tights(Demi Ellisson)
Boots [N] Calf high moccasins(Lost Thereian)
Glasses Reek Park Shades(Riq Graves )
Tattoos Aitui The bombing at Pearl Harbor( Jesseaitui Petion )
[KS] F*%$ Hipster(Landon Mode)


Skin Belleza Elle (Tricky Boucher)
Hair  Lamb Glass Candy(Lamb Bellic)


Porcupine Love(Chillatrix GossipGirl)
Oh My Stars(KelloTaganov GossipGirl)

Well, I’m not a boy. But I love the song and video. so, yeah.


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