Nestle My Bosom.

Nestle My Bosom, is this cute little store. I had some stuff from there from wayyy back and thought they closed. A few months ago I found out they didn’t 😀 and at the time they were having a sale so I was like <333 and fell inlove. Well, she keeps making really super cute stuff, you can find her main store on The Rumor sim. The sim has lots of cute stores so go check it out. Here’s just a few things she has up.


Shirt Nestle My Bosom Ballpark Top (Demi Ellisson)
Skirt 1 So Many Styles Chiffon Skirt (Irie Campese)
Skirt 2 Kyoot Corduroy Mini (Saeya Nyanda)
Tights Nestle My Bosom Sheer Peacock tights (Demi Ellisson)
Necklace Nestle My Bosom Pretzel Necklace (Demi Ellisson)
Boots KAO Suede Fringe Boots (Kao Sands)
Leg Tattoo Nestle My Bosom Tiny dancer (Demi Ellisson)
Tattoos Aitui The bombing att Pearl Harbor(Jesseaitui Petion)
[KS] Fucking Hipster Hunt gift (Landon Mode)


Skin Belleza Elle (Tricky Boucher)
Hair Exile Jenna (Kavar Cleanslate)

Porcupine Love(Chillatrix GossipGirl)


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