Hunts, hunts, hunts.

So, I was bored and had a ‘Hunt’ folder in my inventory, so I went through it and found so much very cute stuff. some hunts are still going on and some are over, sorry 😦 I just wanted so you 😀

The hunts are, Khush’s store hunt. The Platinum hunt, Think Pink, Panty Raid, Zombie Hunt.

I’m still gonna do the Think Pink Hunt, so I’ll prob blog that later too ❤

All from the Khush Hunt.

Zombie Hunt
Zebra Dress – Le Boom #83
Dress and Bikini – Paper Doll #28
Tattoo – KoQStar #3

Hide and seek Hunt
Dress and Bracelets – Boom
Shirt – Pdiddle

Think Pink
Shirt and skirt – Paper Doll #5
Skin – Mynerva #4

Black shirt- Platinum Hunt – Khush

Panty Raid

Bra and Panties – Hoot
Boyshorts – Duboo
Tank/Bra and panty set – Pig

Other credits:

Hair: Truth

Boots: Surf Co.

Tattoo: Aitui

Poses: Porcupine Love, With love and Squalor


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