Count me in.

I blog when I’m bored in the morning and cant sleep, so here you go 🙂

This dress is a freebie at Mirrors in The Mirai Style sim, I just think it’s super cute and I need to go back for more colors of it. These boots are my second favorite shoes from Surf Co, after the rain boots, because I love the sound when you walk :D. But these boots, they remind me of winter/fall, that’s why I matched them with the wool leggings. and I just went crazy at the Truth sale and brought like 40 hairs and this was one of them, i think it’s very very cute, I’ve seen it on others and loved it and wasn’t so sure how I felt about it on me. Turns out I love it!

I matched the outfit with some of my favorite jewelry and one of my favorite skins and here you go 🙂



Dress Mirrors Halty (Mirai Shan)
Leggings Luck Inc Wool Panty (Ck Winx)
Shoes Surf Co Elsa Boots (Emma Gilmour)
Necklace Whippet and Buck Love is a Desterter (Dakota Buck)
Bracelets AA Snake and white bangle (aya Huldschinsky)


Skin League Taylor Blackice (Nena Janus)
Hair Truth  Kami (Truth Hawks)


With love and Squalor (Esme Milena)


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