Oldies but Goodies.

I’m gonna love these challenges. If you’re on plurk then you might have heard about the Alysha’s plurky blog challenges. if not. then you should!

Her profile is private 😦 so I would add her if you don’t have her on your plurk, if you want to do the challenges. I just read them and they are gonna be fun.

I hope she’s okay with this, but I’m gonna post her challenges for this month 😀

8/30 – Oldies But Goodies (blog only items that are at least a year old, if not older)
9/6 – Gone, But Not Forgotten (feature designers/stores that have closed or on an undetermined hiatus)
9/13 – Wacky & Wild (need I explain? Get creative & nuts!)
9/20 – It’s All In The Background (looking for awesome sims & such that make for awesome backgroundage)
9/27 – Nuffin’ But My Hair, Skin & Shoes (your choice on how much “else” you’d like to show lol but think the bare minimum kiddies!)

(remember, at least 80% of your creation must be this color)

Friday, 9/10 – Red
Monday, 9/20 – Orange
Thursday, 9/30 – Yellow

That is all from her plurk! Have fun!

Now my outfit, This skin was the first skin I actually paid for, not a freebie or super cheap. I loved it and still do, I just have too many skins that I love. This was one of my very first Truth hairs, It’s super cute I dont know why I dont where it more. If you’ve known me since I started, you would’ve been there for my dramtic change in appearence, and Luck Inc helped with that. I own like every Luck Inc item Ck has made and very proud of it. This Surf Co shirt, I fell in love with at a sale? I think. I didn’t know about Surf Co really until I think Chill posted a picture with there rain boots? and I died and had to find them fast. and awhile later a sale and I went crazy there. I also had a animal thing back in the gg’s days. I named them and everything, the pink fuel animals that is and the boots are just ❤

I’m done with my background of this outfit, if you read that thank you and I’m sorry lol I’m just in a very talky mood today 😀

Remember, do the challenges! they are gonna be super fun to do, fun for new bloggers who don’t know whatt they want to blog? or for old bloggers with blogger block, like me 😀

Ily all who actually reads this stuff.


Shirt Surf Co Kettle Corn Cardigan(Emma Gilmour)
Jeans Luck Inc Low Cut Jeans (Ck Winx)
Boots Urban Bomb Unit Retro Stars Rain Boots(Coke Dreadlow)
Necklace Urbanity Pearl Necklace (Trixi Wuyts)
Pig Pink Fuel Piggy (Mochi Milena)


Skin Fishy Strawberry Daphne Mocha (Fae Eriksen)
Hair Truth  Matilda (Truth Hawks)


With love and Squalor (Esme Milena)


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