Ain’t I.

Action is in this weeks Rocking Friday.

This weeks gift is for guys but I rocked it and I say it looks good on girls too 😀

It’s 50L  so very much worth it. Go get it!

Also, I just found this scarf in my inventory and i love it! it’s super old, almost a year i think? I have so many scarf and I dont wear them, idk why I love scarfs. So you’ll prob see lots of them in future blogs. Just saying.

Shop lots ❤


Shirt Action Mens Rolled Flannel(Rocking Friday)(MarilynMonroe Munro)
Jeans Medley Skinnie Gen (Arriah Fiertze)
Boots [N]  Moccasins(Lost Thereian)
Necklace So Many Styles Pearl Lily(Irie Campese)
Scarf Miel LE:LOOK! scarf(Mika Nieuport)
Hat Theosophy Waterbeck Hat(Trace Osterham)
Bracelets BOOM Bangled Mess (Aranel Ah)
Piercings [MPQ] Piece or silver darling and Simple Virginity (edited together) (Aliana Tomsen)


Skin Belleza Elle(Tricky Boucher)
Tattoos Atiui The bombing of Pearl Harbor (Jesseaitui Petion)
Luck inc Rosary Cross (CK Winx)
Atooly Tri Hearts (rockstarroo GossipGirl)
Hair  Lamb Oh Sugar(Lamb Bellic)


pda and with love & squalor(Esme Milena)


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