Got your back.

I love colors and I love *BOOM*

Aranel came out with these lovely dresses in a bunch of different colorful tops, plus bangles, in many different colors 😀

I’m happy since I asked for cute bangles not to long ago on plurk, and these are ❤

I love both versions of the dress, black and silver, with the colors. Deff go get them like right now!


Dress BOOM Carbon (Aranel Ah)
Bracelets BOOM Bangled Mess (Aranel Ah)
Piercings [MPQ] Piece or silver darling and Simple Virginity (edited together) (Aliana Tomsen)


Skin Belleza Elle(Tricky Boucher)
Tattoos Atiui The bombing of Pearl Harbor (Jesseaitui Petion)
Luck inc Rosary Cross (CK Winx)
Hair Truth Roxana (Truth Hawks)


LAP (Dove Swanson)


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