If you try to search Urbanity, it won’t be there. But don’t freak! Trixi, the owner just decided to change the name 😀

The new store new is Ha! and yes, after her hours of renaming, it’s open to all of you. Here is your link to the store, although if you have a LM to Urbanity, it’s still in the same place as it was! She’s lowered the prices on all of her items in the store, not for a sale though. So go check it out if you’ve been wanting another color or just because you like cute clothes? Also, all her shoes are retiring and are 100L!! so hurry and go get them they will be gone tomorrow (Monday) I don’t know what time though so, just go now!

To open up with her renaming of the store, she has a new release which I love and now can’t take off! These super cute tube tops, in 16 colors, which I’ll show you 😀

So, go to her store like right now. Her store is so worth the tp. Promise.


Tops Ha! Tube top
Jeans Ha! Hated Jeans
Shoes Urban Bomb Unit Pornstar Lo-Tops
Piercings Aitui Septum and lip


Skin League Taylor BlackIce
Hair Truth Christina
Tattoo Aitui Beautiful and The bombing at Pearl Harbor


pda and dismorph (No longer in SL)

And because I like Tupac.


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