A public affair.

*BOOM* came out with these AMAZING roller rompers. They are super cute, I’ve been putting it on for days, I take it off but then hours later it’s back on. The sweat bands and tube socks complete the outfit and it’s ❤ (there’s a head sweat band too but I didn’t have hair for it but on her flickr it says she’s working on a hair for it so look out for that!!)

Go to her store and buy LOTS of them, it’ll be sooo worth it. promise.


Outfit with sweat bands *BOOM* Roller Romper
Socks *BOOM* Tube socks
Skates ANA_Mations LoTop Skates
Piercings Aitui Septum and lip


Skin Belleza Elle
Hair Truth Tabatha
Tattoo Aitui Beautiful


Don’t freak out

dismorph (no longer in SL)

And since it makes me laugh and was the only skating video I knew. Here you go.


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