If I never see your face again.

 Gatcha = weakness. I won’t stop until I get the one I want. it’s crazy. If you’ve been to the gatcha festival, you would know how crazy cute everything is, so you would understand my addiction. Anyway, the Boom necklaces there are ❤ I can’t stop wearing them since I got them. Deff go look at the cuteness there!

Second. I LOVE Chillatrix GossipGirl, just saying. She just made 2 different tattoo layers of tears, Bloodly tears with the choice of vampire teeth or not, or just the vampire teeth, and then she made running mascara, both are ❤ and like pretty amazing. So, like I’ve said in many blogs before, go buy her stuff!


Shirt Luck Inc Button down shirt
Skirt The Whore Open my dress
Socks Untitled tube socks ( idk the name of the store 😦 sorry)
Heels Pixel Mode T baby
Necklace Boom Gumball Necklace (Gatcha)
Piercings Aitui Septum and lip


Skin Belleza Elle
Hair Mirai Style Iseb
Tattoo Aitui Beautiful
Tears Porcupine Love Bloody tears


Porcupine love


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