yep, it’s back 🙂 she was gone for a bit but reopened again and i;m like 😀 about it.

rbcg is full of random fun items that anyone could love there’s so much I wanted to buy when I was there but I couldn’t 😦 but you should! 😀

The store re-opens today idk what time but I’d go stalk the sim if I were you.

Here’s some of the stuff she has out in the store, plus gatchas (which we all know are addicting) and she has out a cute freebie which you’ll see in the pictures 😀

tp again!

Picture 1
Outfits: If you’re a bird…
Bird: Birdies!

Picture 2
Hat: Grannys Floppy Hat

Picture 3
Outfit: Geoplanes w/paper airplane (free!)
Hat: Combat Helmet
Telephone: Telephone mint (idk if she still has this color but there’s other colors in the phone!)

Other credits

Hair Lamb Witch
Skin Belleza Elle
Dress [KA] Maxi Bohemian Dress
Feet SLink tiptoe
Tank top 1: Atomic Shredded tank
Tank top 2: Suicidal Unborn Basic top
Jeans Luck Inc Low cut Black Torned
Mouth sign: old rbcg item
Tattoos Aitui Beautiful and The bombing at Pearl Harbor
Piercings Aitui Lip and Septum

Porcupine love

And a video


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