Supporting my GossipGirls

I love the GossipGirls, well some anyway. So I felt as being one I need to support their stores in my blog because well they make amazing shit. I’m sure as of right now I own all of their stores because i love their stuff. I only know of 4 stores from close GG friends of mine Belle Fille Owners Adelayda GossipGirl and SarahBear18 GossipGirl. Porcupine Love Owner Chillatrix GossipGirl. *OMS* Owner KelloTaganov GossipGirl. and Honey and Vinegar Owners yasmino GossipGirl and Elikapeka Yokosuka. All of them are pose makers, and then you have shapes, tattoos and more.

Check out their stores 🙂

The poses




Hoodie: Surf co Vintage Fall Fest hoodie grey
Skirt: Luck Inc Low rise mini black
Boots: Miel Far boots solid


Skin: :GP: Acorn Frex [Light] Cupid-Allure 1
Hair 1: >TRUTH< Makenzie – night
Hair 2: !lamb. Witch – Ink


1: Belle Fille- Empty bliss
2: Belle Fille- Hipster #2
3: *OMS* Kissy is not afraid
4: *OMS* Kira takes a wrong turn
5: honey and vinegar – dahlias and cherry trees
6: honey and vinegar – smile upon me
7: baby, i’m a supsertar.
8: do i look amused?


1: Shape – Honey and Vinegar
2: *OMS* Oh My Stars! opening Gift
3:*OMS* BiplarOld Freebie
4: Belle Fille – Ey ey Captain
5: Belle Fille – I’ll let ya film me
6: discovery channel, baby.

Tattoos and clothing

1: Belle Fille – Key to my heart tattoo
2: jokes on them. tattoo
Pasties – Grey Pasties


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