Leash onto me.

The owner of *SISSI*, Sissi String, was nice enough to give me these chain leashes to blog about, I tried them on and i loved them, go by her store and check them out and her other cute accessories, at her main store, which I wanna say is in the Luck Inc sim.

The leash comes in 4 colors, Sliver, Light Sliver, Dark and Pink.

I love <33333 the pink. Just saying 😀


Shirt: Atomic Shredded Tank – White
Jeans: Luck Inc (Shit luck) Low Cut Jeans Black ripped
Boots: Ordinary – Acinonyx
Piercings: Aitui Lip and Septum ring
Necklace: *SISSI* Leash Light Silver


Skin: Sudical Unborn – Crazy Nurse – Old group Gift
Hair: Truth – Sylvia
Tattoo: Aitui – Beautiful


Pose 1: dfo! [thisthat] oy with the poodles already
Pose 2: dfo! [geek] i’m a frakking cylon


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