Fashion is Love Hunt.

This is my first hunt blog, i had no idea how to write it, so work with me.

I haven’t went and done a full hunt in the longest, but this hunt had alot of my favorite stores in it so I had to do this one and plus it was short so I didn’t have to do alot of unpacking, renaming, 5 days of hunting.

These are some of the gifts from the hunt and my favorites. it’s a 38 store Grid wide hunt, with some surprises at the beginning and end of the hunt.

Details of the hunt found here:

Skin 1: Grand Prize – skin 3
Skin and eyes 2: #27 Mynerva

Outift 1: # 1 *LP* design Glanec dress
Pose: dfo! [geek] rude and not ginger
Outfit 2: #6 [Cynful] Flufflyness skirt and Kini – Pink
Pose: dfo! [geek] i’m a frakking cylon
Outfit 3: Shorts – #13 oRly?! 
Bikini – #11 T Junction Retro Dots Bikini
Pose: dfo! [geek] i don’t know what that means
Outfit 4: #18 The Whore (Pasties from Luck Inc)
Pose: dfo! [sera] you’ve got yourself a hiccup

Outfit 5: #29 AlaMood Boutique
Pose: dfo! [wishful] wildflowers
Outfit 6: Shorts – #35 *HP* Summer Delight
Top – # 4 Deetalez
Pose: dfo! [free] i left the light on
Outfit 7: #22 Sassy Kitty Designs – My litte Grey dress
Pose: dfo! [free] if i didn’t know
Outfit 8: #22 Sassy Kitty Designs – My little red dress
Pose: dfo! [free] no more words (for the big bitties XD)
Outfit 9: Top – #14  Ducknipple
Shorts – #13 oRly?!
Pose: dfo! [geek] cartoon birds braided your hair this morning

All panties – #23 Rock Me Amadeus
Pose: dfo! [geek] cartoon birds braided your hair this morning

 Other items:
Hair: Lamb – Ghost – Snickers
Skin: Curio – Acorn Frex [Light] Cupid-Allure 1
Heels: Pixel Mode – Baby T’s


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