And this what I’ma do ’til it’s over.

The title? I was listening to Drake and couldn’t think of a title for the blog so why not.

Anyway 😀 I love this outfit, the dress is kind of Gene’s fault. she talked me into getting it but I love her for making me ❤ and these bracelets I love lots. I dont have much to say so this is all. Thanks 😀


Dress: *Fishy Strawberry* Pivano Dress White
Shoes: Pixel Mode Baby T Plain Berry
Bracelets: +*AA*+.  snake bangle 01 (Project Themeory gift)
Piercings: Aitui – Lip and Septum


Skin: -Suicidal Unborn- Makenzie Skin bronze 02
Hair: [LK] Hair – Spring – Large /Black


Pose 1: dfo! [geek] i’m a frakking cylon
Pose 2: dfo! [wishful] wildflowers
Pose 3: Dismorph. My Goodies


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