Let’s talk about shoes.

So, for weeks I’ve been looking pictures on flickr and I kept seeing these heels and I was like omg I love these, I need them but i couldn’t find them until I looked at a blog today and found out that they were from Pixel Mode and I kinda died? alittle maybe a little intense but oh well. I love them. So I got 2 pairs 😀 and if my boyfriend sees this, he’ll prob tell me I shop too much, but I’m a girl. Good excuse? I think so.

Okay now. Shoes.


Jacket- Argrace Coat Traveler Black Lady
Skirt- Luck Inc Mini High Waisted Skirt Ruffled Leo
Tank- Suicidal Unborn Basic Top white
Shoes- Pixel Mode Baby T Plain Black
Tights- Blowpop Fishnet Tights Black
Piercings- Aitui Lip Ring and Septum


Skin- Curio Acorn Freckles Light Cupid Lovelorn 2
Ears- Atomic Mystic Elven Ears Punctured
Hair-Pr!itty Runway Model Night
Nails- Luck Inc Finger Tapes


Pose 1- Weekly 2L Pose
Pose 2 Girls Pose set 1- Pose 04
Pose 3 Girls Pose set 1- Pose 01


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