Tea Time.

So, I decided to start writing on my blogs just as something to do? because i have too much time apparently, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I don’t sleep when I should and need something to do? I don’t know but whatev. Moving on 😀

I have a new SL obsession.
It used to be and still is partly 50L Friday, amazing stores with cute/amazing gifts. But now the other part of my obsession. The Project Themeory. 75L for themed gifts each weekend. I love it but having these 2 sale type things back to back each week, kills me and makes me broke. I didn’t get to finish it this week 😦 since RL stuff came up but what I was able to get I loved.

This week was a ‘Tea Time’ theme.

First and Second picture:
Project Themeory gift: Urbanity Time for Tea shelf and mugs (Wearable mugs!)

Dress: Fishy Strawberry Oversized Cardigan Brown
Hair: Fri.Day Tatum.2 Thoughtful Brown
Skin: Curio Acorn Frex (Dark) Cupid-Lovelorn 1
Slippers: Sheep Slippers from the old GG parties

Third-Fifth picture:
Project Themeory gift: Tea Cup Cushion from Tweedle

Dress: Artilleri Kitty Dress Light Blue (Old 50L Friday gift)
Hair:Junwave Komachi Black
Skin: Curio Acorn Frex (Dark) Cupid-Lovelorn 1
Shoes:LeLutka Saffron Neutral Black
Piercings:Aitui Lip and Septum


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